Termux Android: Powerful Android Terminal Emulator

Termux Android is a terminal emulator for Android OS with its own package ecosystem. There are over 1000 packages for various purposes, including code editors, compilers, etc.

What is Termux Android?

Termux android is an android terminal emulator and linux scope application that works directly after we install without our need to me-root our android device first. And also provide the basic package automatically, there is also an additional package to be able to install. I personally think Termux is a powerfull emulator terminal application, in addition to the installation without rooting, Termux also provides a repository package.

How does Termux Android work?

A terminal emulator is essentially an application that launches a command-line program by using the system call execve (execve – execute program) and redirecting the input, output, and standard error streams to the view. Most terminal applications available on Android OS work with a very limited set of utilities typically provided by operating systems or rooting tools.

What can we do with Termux Android?

In general Termux can be used for:

  • Data processing in Python.
  • Programming in a development environment.
  • Download and manage files and pages using existing tools.
  • Learning the basics of the Linux command-line environment.
  • Run/Access the server with SSH.
  • Sync and back up files.

How to install Termux Android

It is very simple to install termux, it can be downloaded directly via Google Playstore or via Github.

OSAndroid 7 – 11
CPUAArch64, ARM, i686, x86_64
SpaceMinimal 200MB
Termux system requirements

Developer note: Termux does not support ARM devices without NEON SIMD, for example devices that use Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU.

Download via Google Playstore

Termux on Github

Termux Android

Testing command in Termux Android

After we have labeled the Termux installation on our android device, we can immediately try by running the command interpreter.

pwd && uname -a
/data/data/com.termux/files/homeLinux localhost 4.14.117-perf #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jul 19 17:49:04 CST 2021 aarch64 Android

From the test command above, the pwd command displays the current directory, and uname – a displays and views the processor architecture, system hostname and kernel versions running on the system.

Storage/sdcard configuration on Termux Android

We can use /data/data/com.termux/files/home as our main directory, but what if we want termux storage using sd card, as do we store python files, text, mp3 or whatever those files in sd cards that can be accessed using Termux.


Then android asks Termux access permission to access the contents of storage/sdcard.

Once access is granted proceed with the command below.

cd storage
~/storage$ ls
dcim  downloads  movies  music  pictures  shared
~/storage$ cd shared
~/storage/shared$ ls

When we access the shared directory then the entire content of sd card will be displayed.

Create a directory via Termux Android

Once sdcard has got access through the shareddirectory, run the command below to create a directory via termux. My example would be to create a termuxfolderdirectory.

~/storage/shared$ mkdir termuxfolder
~/storage/shared$ cd termuxfolder

The termuxfolder directory was successfully created and accessible.

Create File via Termux Android

Once we successfully create a folder thermuxfolder and access it, we can also create files, sample text, html, python files, and more. Could use nano, vim, emacs text editors to create files. An example of creating a file using a nano text editor.

~/.../shared/termuxfolder$ nano test.txt

Then there will appear text editor as below. To save the test.txt file simply press CTRL+O and Enter or Y.

Close editor by pressing CTRL+X. It’s easy enough not to create files in termux.

To try whether the test.txt file is successful we create a command below.

~/.../shared/termuxfolder$ cat test.txt

For short or slightly content files simply use command paint, and use lessfor content files that are many or long.

See what Package is available on Termux Android

Before installing the package first we check what packages are available in the Termux repository.

pkg list-all
Listing... Done
0verkill/games 0.16-git-1 
aarch648086tiny/stable 1.25-4
aarch64aalib-static/stable 1.4rc5-6
aarch64aalib/stable 1.4rc5-6
aarch64aapt/stable aarch64

We also see what packages are installed after we install Termux.

pkg list-installed
Listing... Done
apt/stable,now 2.3.8 aarch64 [installed]
bash/stable,now 5.1.8 aarch64 [installed]
bzip2/stable,now 1.0.8-6 aarch64 [installed]
ca-certificates/stable,now 20210603 all [installed]

Using Package Manager in Termux

After looking at the list of packages available to install, now we try to install ssh (package: openssh) and python3.

Update & Upgrade Package on Termux Android

Before installing the package, I recommend updating and upgrading in advance of existing packages. Can use “pkg” or “apt”.

pkg update && pkg upgrade


apt update && apt upgrade

Here are the additional commands available in the package manager:

pkg autocleanRemove the expired .deb file from the cache.
pkg cleanRemove all .deb files from the cache.
pkg files List of files installed by the specified package.
pkg list-allList all available packages.
pkg list-installedList of packages that are currently installed.
pkg search Find a package based on query.
pkg show Displays information about a specific package.
Additional Command

Install SSH OpenSSH on Termux

pkg install openssh

After this operation, 14.1 MB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

Install Python on Termux

After viewing the list package in the Termux repository, we can install 2 versions of python.

python-static/stable 3.9.6-4 aarch64
python-tkinter/stable 3.9.6-4 aarch64
python2-static/stable 2.7.18-8 aarch64
python2/stable 2.7.18-8 aarch64
python/stable 3.9.6-4 aarch64

We will install the latest version of python3, because version 2 is also outdated.

pkg install python python-static python-tkinter

After this operation, 409 MB of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]

After the installation process is complete, check the installed version of python on the device.

python -V
Python 3.9.6


Termux is a very powerfull emulator terminal for now. It is very easy to process the installation without us having to root in advance, and also already equipped the basic package. We can also install packages from the repository, as I exemplify installing openssh and python . Very easy storage/sd card access to file management such as copy, move, delete, file editing using the application on android.

This is a short review of Termux applications that exist in Google Playstore, examples of usage test and access directory storage/sd card.

Hope it is useful.

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