How to register for AWS Free Tier, 5 Very Easy Steps

AWS Free Tier is free but very powerful, but before continuing let me tell you what AWS is. Amazon Web Services or commonly known as (AWS) is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world, offering more than 200 complete superior services from data centers globally.

With the most functionality advantages and AWS has the most extensive global cloud infrastructure. Of course, with our needs, we also follow the price of each service.

In addition, AWS also provides AWS Free Tier, we can test AWS for free. If we read the word “FREE” it is very stunning in the eyes of the reader. But “Free” does not mean free forever, there are some AWS services that are completely free (always free) and free until a certain time limit.

What are the benefits of signing up for the AWS Free Tier?

I personally before using AWS services using Free Hosting Service. But with the free hosting, beyond my expectations, it’s not really recommended because the service suddenly went down, and other problems.

AWS provides 3 types of offerings:

TypeService time
Always FreeThis free tier offer has no expiration date and is available to all AWS customers. Can be used for websites that are static.
12 months freeThis offer is for 12 months following your initial registration date on AWS.
TrialsShort term free trial offer from the date you activate certain services. Usually 1-3 months free then paid.
AWS Free Tier offer types

From the table above, I’m personally trying the 12 months free for free. Amazon EC2, you could say VPS (virtual private server) that can be run in any zone (USA, ASIA, Europe, and so on). For details on the manufacture and installation I will discuss in the next article. By taking advantage of this “free tier” service, we will get benefits for at least the next year whether to build a small business, website, or application project, or just to try this service from AWS Free Tier.

What is required before signing up for the AWS Free Tier?

This is the most crucial and basic thing we must have a CC Credit Card / Credit Card. Instead of this Free, why include a credit card for AWS Free Tier registration. Indeed, AWS Free Tier provides offers such as 12 months of free service, but there is also a usage quota as shown in the table below:

Service TypeQuota / Limit
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) Max. 750 hours per month
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud30GB storage
AWS Data Transfer15 GB bandwidth
AWS Limit Quota per month

For example, from the table above I run the AWS EC2 service only 1 instance. So usage in 30 days if the EC2 server is live 24/7 the result is 720 hours. This means that for 1 month we can actually use the service for free.

What if we create 2 instances and run them all. Then the calculated 2×720 hours = 1440 hours. While the limit given is 750 hours maximum. This means we have to pay 690 hours for elastic compute cloud services. This price varies depending on what services we use. To calculate the price can be seen using the AWS Pricing Calculator when we successfully register. If we refer to AWS Calculator EC2 the hourly price of 0.0072 USD x 690 means that we pay 4.97 USD or the equivalent of 5 USD per month if we use 2 instances/servers. I personally suggest using only 1 instance running full 1 month 24/7. So that we can control our own limits.

That’s why we must include a credit card if it’s over quota, the bill will appear according to the excess usage. But don’t worry, AWS also provides Budget/Alarm services, for example: if we set an alarm when the bill reaches 10 USD, the instance service can be stopped.

How do I sign up for the AWS Free Tier?

After reading the points above, the reader will understand if there is an excess of quota usage and why must include a credit card. Ok lets start to signup Amazon Web Service Free Tier.

Requirements: a valid credit card, the validity period has not expired and the credit card status is still active.

Note: as for the purpose of making this blog/web I use a smartphone to register for AWS Free Tier, there is no difference with Desktop/Laptop/PC only display resolution.

Step 1/5 Create an AWS Account

  1. Open the browser and not the page AWS Free Tier.
  2. Click Create a Free Account.

aws signup step1

  1. Fill in account details to login in AWS console
    • Email address: register an email that has never been registered with AWS
    • Password: enter the login password
    • Confirm Password: re-enter the same login password
    • AWS account name: fill in the AWS account name, can be changed after registering
  2. Click Continue

Step 2/5 Filling in Personal Data

aws signup step2

  1. Select Plan (Business / Personal)
  2. Full Name: fill in the full name according to the credit card
  3. Phone Number: Mobile number according to credit card data
  4. Country or Region: Indonesia
  5. Address: Enter the address that matches the credit card data
  6. City: Enter the city that matches the credit card data
  7. State/Province: fill in according to credit card data
  8. Postal Code: enter the postal code of the address according to the credit card data
  9. Checklist agree to AWS Terms
  10. Click Continue

Step 3/5 Credit Card Verification

aws signup step3

AWS Note: We will not charge for usage below AWS Free Tier limits. We temporarily hold $1 USD/EUR as a pending transaction for 3-5 days to verify your identity.

No need to worry, AWS only holds 1 USD for credit card and identity verification for the next 3-5 days. If it has never been used to register on AWS and the charge process is fast from the provider bank, it will only take a few minutes. And after verification, 1 USD is returned, so there is no use of funds at all on the credit card.

Next we fill in Billing Information

  1. Fill in 16 digits credit card
  2. Fill in expiration period credit card
  3. Cardholder’s name: fill in the name on the credit card
  4. Billing address: according to the address data on the credit card
  5. Click Verify and Continue

Example of successful credit card verification:

Terima kasih untuk transaksi Mandiri Kartu Kredit dengan nomor akhir XXXX7266 tanggal 06-07-2021 19:42:25 di AMAZON WEB SERVICES sejumlah USD0.

Jika tidak bertransaksi, hubungi mandiri call 14000
Terima kasih untuk transaksi Mandiri Kartu Kredit dengan nomor akhir XXXX7266 tanggal 06-07-2021 19:42:26 di Amazon web services sejumlah USD1,00.

Jika tidak bertransaksi, hubungi mandiri call 14000

Step 4/5 Verify Phone

After the 4th, which is to confirm the identity by SMS from AMAZON.

aws singup step4a

  1. Country: select (+62) Indonesia
  2. Mobile phone number: fill in the active cellphone number
  3. Fill in security check according to the captcha image
  4. Click Send SMS
  5. Verify code: fill in the SMS verification code from AMAZON
Your Amazon Web Services (AWS) verification code is: XXXX

aws signup step4b

  1. Click Continue

Step 5/5 Choose a Support Plan

aws signup step5

  1. Select Basic support – Free
  2. Click Complete sign up

AWS Free Tier

  1. Click Go to the AWS Management Console
  2. Log In with the registered email address and enter the password according to Step 1/5

aws signup step7

In this tutorial, we have successfully created an AWS Free Tier account.

Note: make sure the personal data on the credit card and the one on the registration form MUST and MUST be the same (name, address, etc.) because if there is a discrepancy for example 1 letter, the verification process will fail and the account will be temporarily suspended. And the next verification process must contact AWS either by email or uploading your ID card data to AWS.

That’s the tutorial How to Register Amazon Web Service AWS Free Tier step by step. In the next post I will discuss Setup AWS EC2 instance.

Hope it is useful.

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