Admin Hands: Must-have powerful tools for Administrators

Admin Hands: Mandatory Tools For Administrators – This android application is quite interesting for me to review. The latest generation of all-in-one apps, meant to work every day.

Admin Hands Review

There are so many android applications on the Google Playstore to make it easier for us to configure, access servers. One of them is this application, besides having abundant features, this application is a complete package and arguably an application that must be installed for administrators.

Powerful tools with User Interface to: automatically execute commands via SSH/TELNET/FTP/SFTP on multiple servers.

Admin Hands on GooglePlay

Download via Google Playstore

What features are in the Admin Hands application?

  • Secure SSH access
  • Fast FTP/SFTP
  • Telnet
  • HTTP download/upload
  • Batch Mode
  • Password Generator
  • Copy & Paste hosts
  • Additional keyboard with special characters and arrows
  • Built-in text editor with syntax highlight
  • Paralel session
  • SSH Monitoring & Statistics

Unlike other applications that I have installed, Admin Hands presents a UI that is quite easy to understand, and a material design theme that is quite slick and so far without any errors or crashes.

Admin Hands Application Menu

When we open Admin Hands, for the first time, we are recommended to create a Master Password, of course this is very important considering that the application can connect to the server with just one click.

Admin Hands Master Password

Master Password is only for logging in to the application when the application is opened

Admin Hands Menu

The menu on the application is quite simple, and the interface is very easy.

HostsMenu to add, edit, delete, copy, move hosts. Create a group a host. Create a local shell (bash).
SSH/Telnet Sessions View running SSH/Telnet sessions.
FTP/SFTP SessionsView currently running FTP/SFTP sessions.
ActionsBatch mode, to execute commands or batch files that we create.
UsersUser settings to login on the host using a password or private key.
SettingsChange the appearance of the application theme, change the Master Password, login screen settings, export/import hosts.
Password GeneratorPassword Generator equipped with special characters.
Admin Hands Menu

Mode Secure SSH

SSH access is very easy, just one click Connect then it will automatically connect to the host.

ec2 create step11

Batch Mode

In this batch mode, we execute some command line to the server.

echo "Test shell script on Admin Hands by bjxbro"
echo ""

We save the example in the file on the sdcard. And we execute on the application.

admin hands script


This application supports FTP/SFTP connections. To bulk upload or change permissions in a UI like we use Filezilla on Android.

admin hands ftp

Note: for ftp access user permissions on directories and files must be set first in the access group on the server. Otherwise, the file upload or editing process fails (permissions denied) .

Password Generator

Equipped with a Password Generator, this application really provides our needs as system admins. Not only that, this Password Generator is equipped with special characters.

Admin Hands Password Generator

Monitoring & Statistics

This application also provides a monitoring feature on our server. These include how long our servers live (uptime), CPU load, RAM usage, internet bandwidth usage (both inbound and outbound), and used storage.

admin hands stat

Local Shell

This application also provides a local shell feature where we can try shell commands.

admin hands localshell

PRO Features (Paid version)

Because this application also supports PRO features or where we can get other benefits from this application.

With relatively affordable prices starting from IDR 13,000 (per month) – IDR 189,000 (lifetime), the price of this application in my opinion is quite balanced considering the features provided are very abundant and easy User Interface if we have more than 5 hosts that we manage.

What are the benefits if you upgrade to a paid feature (paid version):

  • Remove host limit: Free version can only be used for 5 hosts. Of course, if we have 6 hosts or more this feature is perfect.
  • Fingerprint app lock: only works for android devices that support fingerprint.
  • Fast switch from SFTP to SSH


Admin Hands is a complete and powerful package of tools that administrators must have. With a variety of abundant features and a slick user interface, this application can be used daily for our work as system admins. SSH/SFTP works great. Besides that, the batch mode is very useful for executing multi command line. Realtime Monitoring & Statistics is useful for monitoring CPU/RAM usage on the server as well as the HDD/SSD capacity being used. By upgrading to PRO or paid, we also get benefits for limiting the number of hosts managed.

Applications other than Admin Hands that can be used to access the server via SSH are Termux Android.

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