Empowering the extraordinary capabilities of android smartphones for everyday people to use technology into the palm of your hand.

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Trying to present content about technology, application reviews, cloud hosting reviews, cloud computing, programming tutorials, How To and others. By leveraging the incredible resources and capabilities of Android smartphones for everyone every day, using technology at hand.

faviconInspired by domain name and the first letter of JudisWeb “JW
Official Logo

The logo with a gray-dark background with a white background logo is used for the website’s favicon. And some colors to make the logo on the featured image content.

Formerly Domain

The JudisWeb domain was created by transferring all content and images from the bjxbro.online server.

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author bjBagus Judistirah
Website: judisweb.com
Facebook: judistirah

Legacy Project: Simple Machine Protect (Open Source Anti Virus)
Recent Project: Telegram bot using Python3
Current Project: Make this blog/website very useful
Bagus Judistirah as content writer

For now JudisWeb uses a single author for each article writing, as well as tutorials.


Almost all tutorials and articles on JudisWeb, application testing and server setup use Android 99%. Only 1% in doing a web browser test how JudisWeb looks when opened on a laptop/desktop.